The Peacefully Profitable podcast provides weekly conversation on discovering your passion and turning it into profit, productively balancing life and finding peace. 

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Every Entrepreneur has a Story...

I believe every entrepreneur has a story...

I believe that every person I interview has a unique story, goals, and desires. I often meet business owners who have experienced failure as well a wins and I truly believe we go through these things to help someone else along the way. Take a listen and learn something new from one of the many stories shared. 


Shermikia Lemon is an entrepreneur, productivity coach, and Corporate wellness consultant. Through her signature coaching and training company, Peacefully Profitable, Shermikia helps organizations who struggle with retention due to workplace conflict. Her signature on-site training highly motivates employees to be more productive to increase bottom line profit.

Shermikia is passionate about productivity and peace, as she personally experienced the consequences of poor time-management and stress when she found herself not making any progress or meeting personal goals of her own and in her life. After finally changing her focus and discipline, she made her way out of stress and found peace, and in turn became more productive and finally began meeting the goals that she’d set for herself in business and in life.  

Since then, Shermikia has had the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of leaders, CEOs, Business Managers and Executives to deliver her signature presentation. She has also been featured on many podcasts, has been seen in Forsyth Woman’s Magazine, Stars & Stripes (Europe), HRMAG, and is a regular trainer for the Women’s Resource Center. Shermikia is the host of the Peacefully Profitable Podcast which can be heard on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play and more. This podcast is a weekly conversation on discovering your passion and turning it into profit, productively balancing life and finding peace.  

What My Listeners Think

Shermikia is a great interviewer. She has a way of getting to the right questions she knows her audience will enjoy! This podcast is a delight and completely educational!

Alisha W.

Shermikia is a wonderful interviewer and is able to provide inspiration, insights and motivation to listeners. Definitely one of my new favorites to listen to on my drive to work.

Kim C.

I love these podcasts. They're just the right amount of time to get the message designed to help you. I listen every time I can. Well done and only getting better.

Tesheya W.

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